Thursday, January 31, 2008

Diamonds in the rough

Well, it was over a year ago that Jen and I left our jobs and our house to pursue our dream of farming. Jen left a teaching job and I left a job that I was at for 7 years and also left half of my pay and benefits behind as well. We went to work for a local organic farm in south/central Minnesota. We did end up leaving on frustrated terms, but we did meet a very good friend. Jim Vlasek. Of all the tough times Jen and I went through, we brought two things away from our time on the farm that we will never forget. Experience and Jim. Here is a rearview picture of Jim and I tending to a newborn calf(that you can't see).

Jim owned and operated a dairy of his own until suburbia came knocking on his doorstep. Most of what I learned from my time on the farm came from Jim.

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kenneth said...

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