Friday, December 14, 2007

What came first the chicken or the egg?

Almost 2 years ago Chuck and I purchased our first hens and a rooster- from the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation unfortunately a fox and her litter were hungry one night and ate them all. Anyway we were incubating eggs and one hatched, we called her our homestead chicken. She moved with us to southern MN and back where unfortunately she met her fate with a dog! We had 3 of her egg, she was the only hen that laid blue eggs, and Chuck decided to incubate them along with a couple other eggs. Not the best timing having chicks in the winter but we did want to keep our homestead line. Anyway we now have 5 chicks in our utility room! They hatched just a couple of days ago, the first picture is a chick just an hour old. It takes 5 months until they will lay their first eggs, and a hen in her first year will lay on average 256 eggs! With the hens we have right now we are averaging about 3 eggs a day not to bad but it would be nice to have more. Once you have had fresh unpasteurized eggs there is no way you will ever buy eggs from the grocery store again. We feed our chickens non-GMO (genetically modified organism) feed that we buy from Alvin who owns Schlangen egg farm . We do not want to sell eggs for profit just have enough for ourselves and some family members. Chuck and I do like the colored eggs verses the white not for any real reason but just because. Having blue eggs, an Araucana breed, is different, hopefully one of the 3 chicks will lay blue eggs. Did you know that the color of a hens eggs is determined by her ear lobe color~ fascinating!

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momma2ryan&jacob said...

I swear I learn something new everytime I read your blog!! I hope you're doing well, we're still hoping to come see the animals, we just have to wait until all the kids are healthy enough to be ourside for a while. Thanks for all the fun facts!!