Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like....A farm

Last weekend Chuck brought home a few hens. We are averaging 3 eggs a day and would like more- so adding more hens seemed like a good idea. Not sure exactly what kind of hens these are, the guy said they were Ameraucanas but I don't know my poultry breeds. We have not seen any eggs yet but that is normal with a change in location and feed.

While living in New Prague we were introduced to Patty Anderson who owns Meadow Oaks Farm where she had a couple dozen sheep. Chuck and I had always wanted to have a flock but did not know where to begin. Patty had decided to hang up her shepherd's crook and sell off her sheep. We took her up on her offer starting with two Suffolk ewes (female sheep). Later we added four more Border Leicester/Rambouillet ewes. She offered to sell us some of her equipment as well. A couple weekends ago Chuck was able to head to her farm and pick up the equipment. The feeder that you see in the picture sells new for close to $500- nothing that we could afford- she gave us a very good deal. And the water tank is absolutely wonderful no more carrying bucket upon bucket of hot water throughout the day, and she gave us a water heater too. Chuck also brought home a small water pond for the ducks (that is the one in the bottom picture with the ramp)- they love it. Not only did Patty help us start our flock she is a great teacher. We can not be more thankful to Patty for helping us get started.

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