Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's getting cold

Winter is right around the corner- I am looking forward to snow but I do miss the 60 and 70 degree temps. Since we have weened Martina we only have to do chores once a day, standing outside feeding Martina a gallon of milk twice a day does not sound fun in 10 degree weather. Everyone seems to be doing well, we are still trying to figure out how much hay to feed. Patty who we bought the sheep from said feed 3 pounds a day per sheep, 6 sheep = 18 pounds or about half a bale, but we also have 2 cows and have no idea how much to feed them, so it seems as thought we are going through a bale a day, which is about 40 pounds of hay, but we only have 100 bales to last through the winter!! Living in the Sand Dunes State Forest does not help with grazing. Up in Pine City the sheep and cows would still have grass to graze. I hope we do not run out of hay to soon, or have trouble finding hay when we do run out.
Okay so this is Lou Lou Bell the third, another name by Chuck, I think the name comes from and Alice in Chains Album. Anyway she was born this past spring, numbered 2393, Chuck just took the tags out of her ears she looks much better. She will be our milk cow, she seems to be very gentle and easy to handle. She is a heifer, a heifer is a cow that has not calved. So she will be bred when she is 2 and once she calves we will be able to milk her. Two years seems a long ways away until then we are buying our raw milk from a local farm in St. Cloud.

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