Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Freemartin~ Martina

A freemartin is a female twin born with a male calf. They say that the females reproductive system becomes sterile due to the male hormones of her twin, so there is only a 10% chance that she will reproduce. Before we left the farm a freemartin was born and the farm was going to sell her at an auction but we decided to buy her. We thought that there is a chance that she could reproduce and if not she would be a good meat cow. Chuck became very attached to her at the farm, even naming her 'Martina'- very creative! We have been bottle feeding her for the last couple of months- that is until the past weekend she is now being weened. She is not happy about not getting her bottle and about being penned up. We have penned her so that she will not suck on the other cow or sheep, I guess that is really common when you ween. We plan to never ween our calves from their mother, however under the circumstance this is what we had to do.

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