Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sorry it has been such a long time since the last post. We are all moved to Big Lake! Before we left we sent our 4 lambs into be butchered- the largest one weighing in at 125 pounds! The meat is wonderful.
So we are now down to 6 ewes- 2 of which were unsure they wanted to come with us. We had to make a make shift corral at the farm for the ewes 4 of which had no problem going into- so knowing that if we did not move our animals the farm would start charging us rent, we moved the 4 to Big Lake. Well the other 2 were quite a challenge and to make a long story short we ended up having this wonderful woman and her 2 border collies help us corral the last two. It was amazing to watch these 2 dogs get those sheep into the corral. Then last week we drove 2.5 hours west of Big Lake to pick up our spring calf. So now we have our chickens our 2 calves, and our ewes!! Now we are just waiting for the baby!

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