Friday, September 14, 2007

Fall harvest starting

With the move coming closer I want to make sure we harvest all we can. It was a wonderful productive garden, it is such a good feeling knowing that we are providing our own food. We were worried about the carrots, they really like a much looser soil than the solid concrete like clay that we had- and as you can see some just did not grow down like they should have. Maybe if I would have built up a bed for them they might have gotten longer. But you can not beat the taste of fresh carrots out of the garden! We still need to dig up the potatoes- wonder how big they are, although I did build up a nice bed around them, and we have some fall squash. Hopefully next year we can have a root cellar to save some of our harvest in. If you did not have a garden now is the time to go to the farmers markets and pick up some of these wonderful vegetables.

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